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Why Remo

Your goal? To give your child the best possible start in life. Ours? To bring you the best possible Fun Learning, all thoughtfully
designed to help you nurture your child’s.

Our Vision

"Nurture all learners' aspect to leading prospect"

Highly Potential teachers, focussed on improving student outcomes, through their commitment to on-going professional development, quality teaching, evidence based practices, coaching and mentoring and collaboration.
Giving students what they need, not necessarily equally, to meet their learning and well-being requirements. Raising the achievement of all students. Opportunities for community and parents to participate in learning and decision making partnerships.
Remo will guide all students in planning for their progress both during and after high school. All students will complete an educational program that meets the requirements for admission to an college or university. While students’ choices will vary, we will prepare students to pursue both a career direction and continued education.

Our Mission

"We envision today’s children as tomorrow’s leader"

Our Mission is a living statement to build knowledge, self-awareness& relationships with people and environment to seek happy, healthy impactful lives. Our cooperative learning community brings together children, parents, and teachers in meaningful play.
We develop collaborative relationships and explore environments, experiences, and activities that encourage curiosity and wonder. We value who children are, celebrate their unique gifts, believe in their capabilities, encourage their interests, and honor their feelings and ideas.
In the exploration of their environments, kids are positively involved in observation, question, discussion, prediction, analysis, exploration, investigation & experimentation. In this process, they construct, modify and develop broad range of scientific concepts & ideas.