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we consider the environment to be the third teacher and we create a richly resourced stimulating environment to help foster children’s natural inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge.


Our classrooms is organized into
following areas of learning
Language Area
Art Corner & Cognitive Corner
Sense - motor skills
EPL (Exercises of Practical life) & Outdoor Learning environment


There is no compromise when it comes to quality education to our kids and we offer the best in terms of fee structure, infrastructure, value for money, curriculum, accessibility, timing, hygiene and personal attention.

Child-Friendly Equipment’s

Child-friendly Comfort ensures the safety of the kids and encourages them to play in a safe environment

Welcome to Remo International School

At Remo International School, we strongly believe that each child is a unique person and imbibes social, physical and intellectual behaviour over a period of time. We take pride in saying we are not just a school, but a place where children are nurtured to be life-long learners and global citizens. We employ interactive teaching methods, tailor-made tools and equipment to ensure that our little wards are ready for school.
Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which will support individual needs and allow children to achieve their full potential. The arrangements at our school promote learning through, and with, fun and cheer. The bright facade of our school buildings and the clean, colorful interiors combine in creating the perfect atmosphere for the children to 'react' in and pick up the basic skills.

Other Activities

The curriculum and activities at our school. Kids have been designed to develop inquiring minds and healthy bodies.


We provide a wide range of fun games and stimulating activities to help our kids to develop their social and physical skills

Literacy Skills

It help children develop a reading and develop pre-writing and writing skills through the use of stories and themes.

Numeracy Skills

Our Math Activities are one of the ideal way to foster their number recognition in a fun filled method.

Remo Advantage

Fun , Stimulating & Safe environment (Infrastructure)

Personalized learning as per child needs

Individual Syllabus for Every Child

Expert Educators in child development

Equipped classrooms

CCTV compulsory

Water Pool / Mud Activities

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