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Grade 1-5

Getting Hands - on is a Way of Life

Right through the school years, children do a lot of work with their own hands. Projects of various kinds are accomplished by the children with adults stepping in to help only when the physical effort is beyond the children. Plant growing, farming, house-building and major handwork projects are executed mostly by the children themselves. Wherever necessary, they literally and figuratively step in the mud to get the work done.

One of the most important life lessons children learn at our school is that doing work with your own hands is not just enjoyable, but honourable as well. Not only do children do the tasks mentioned above, but they also take an active part in keeping their classroom and school environment clean and neat. Children are assigned duties such as arranging the tables and desks in their classroom, and sweeping the classroom and corridors clean after activities like lunch, art, clay-work, handwork, etc., that make the premises untidy. Older children are also taught to take more personal responsibility by cleaning their own lunch and snack-boxes every day. We are committed to sustaining such practices as the school and the children grow older, and the latter are ready to take more responsibilities on their young and capable shoulders